VR Gaming Meets Exercise and Physical Therapy

Chasing Ishiki is a mobile VR game for physical rehabilitation, physical therapy, physical education or simply for some extra fun while you're exercising.

What makes the game special is the ability to control your speed in VR with a cadence sensor that gets attached to a stationary bike or elliptical.

Physical rehabilitation is rarely fun and not enjoying the activity has a negative impact on the speed of recovery.

It also makes you less likely to stay consistent with it, which slows down progress even more.

By incorporating virtual reality and gamification, physical rehabilitation can become an engaging and fun experience, thus speeding recovery.

Chasing Ishiki
Chasing Ishiki


Hardware and Software Setup

The game is designed to be played with any type of virtual reality mobile phone headset without a controller.

A Google Daydream View VR headset can be used but needs to be set to Cardboard mode from the Daydream app settings (Menu > Settings > VR Settings > Headset > Google Cardboard).

Note: If using a Daydream View headset in Cardboard mode, some Android devices might automatically switch you back to Daydream mode when you attach the Daydream headset. To prevent this, disable NFC in the Android settings.

Your speed in the game is controlled with a ANT+ cadence sensor that gets attached to a stationary bike or elliptical.

Note that there are single mode sensors and dual mode sensors. If you have a single mode sensor, you need to set it to Cadence mode in order to play the game.

If your Android device has native ANT+ support, like most Samsung Galaxy devices, all you need is the cadence sensor, a VR headset and you're good to go! You can find which devices are compatible here.

If your device doesn't natively support ANT+, you can use a USB adapter.

In order to use the adapter, you'll also need to install the following:
ANT USB Service
ANT Radio Service
ANT Plugin Service


The goal in the game is to get close to your pet, Ishiki, and stay inside the radius. When you’re inside the circle, Ishki can eat gems to score points. If you’re outside, Ishiki won’t be able to eat the gems.

You can customize your workout time and difficulty from the level selection screen.

Once you enter a level and choose to play in VR mode, you will get a calibration screen. Look straight ahead in the same direction your bike is facing to make sure the game level is calibrated properly.

Start pedaling on the bike once you see the countdown. If Ishiki is running away from you, pedal faster to catch up!

Lane changes are done with your gaze (e.g. look slightly to the left to move left).

If you experience drift during gameplay (meaning you notice you have to physically look to the side in order to look straight ahead in the game), there's a Recenter button in the virtual bike dashboard.

Hitting that button will recalibrate/recenter the level with whatever direction you're looking at. Look straight ahead to where your bike is facing.

There are currently 3 types of powerups in the game that you can collect. Note that you will collect them instead of Ishiki, meaning you need to hit them with your virtual hover bike.

UFO: increases your speed for a short duration so you can score more points with the time you have.

Treasure chest: spawns lots of gems further ahead.

Star: increases Ishiki’s radius for a short duration so it’s easier to stay inside.

Mines: If you hit a mine, Ishiki will get startled and runs away from you so you’ll have to speed up to get back into the radius again.